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Vancouver Outdoors Society

We design various experiential education programs using the Vancouver Outdoors Society’s character traits such as honesty, leadership, trust, courage, and patience, helping participants discover and develop themselves through challenges and outdoor adventures.

Why do families and their children need outdoor education?

Over the past ten years, the Vancouver Outdoors Society has strived to answer this question through dialogue with families before, during, and after our programs. We found that participants want more than just a fun activity but a meaningful experience that facilitates personal growth. Parents look for a reliable educational partner that can assist them in guiding their children from childhood into their adult years and nurture positive relationships between them.


To respond to the desires of families and participants, we have designed a wide variety of outdoor activities that incorporate Vancouver Outdoors Society’s Big five character traits (honesty, leadership, trust, courage, patience) into the program, helping participants discover and develop themselves through challenges and outdoor adventures. We also work closely with parents to leverage program experiences to positively influence their children’s lives.


The Vancouver Outdoors Society’s outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, and educational philosophy offer youth a chance to learn beyond just how to have fun outdoors and the skills needed to live and travel in the wilderness. We aim to build participants’ characters and create resilient leaders for the future. Your beyond adventure starts here!

Outdoor experiential education and character-building lessons for youth ages 12-18 years old on every Saturday.


Phoenix Magnet Academy
3190 University Blvd
Squamish, BC, V8B 0P8



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