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Join Us on an Indefinite Road Trip!

By Meg Brunson

I’ve always been jealous of travel bloggers - how cool it must be to be able to travel so frequently and document all of your travels to help others plan their vacations!  Then, about a year ago I had an idea. I knew a couple of people who had traded in their homes for RVs and they were traveling the US, working remotely, and making all those amazing memories… and I thought: THAT is what I want to do.

My husband said no. He had no interest in camping full-time, the expenses seemed extreme, and he raised a ton of other concerns, including homeschooling, fitting 6 people in a relatively tiny space (compared to our 4-bedroom home), and my fear of bugs (lol).

After plenty of research and discussions, I got him on board (mostly). It was enough to start making plans and making my dreams a reality. 

There are three types of articles that I will be writing: the logistics of how everything works, reviews of where we stay, and reviews of where we play. On KidsOutAndAbout, will document the stay and play reviews, so no matter how you are traveling to any of the places we visit, you can find information on cool places to play… and if you are an RVing family you can also discover some information about places to stay!  If the logistics piece interests you, you’ll find more information about that at

I’d also love to have you following our adventures on Instagram @FamilyRoadVentures!

How do we pick where to visit, and what to do?

There is a lot that has gone into deciding which cities to visit. Some, like DC and NYC, were just obvious for me.  Others, like Amarillo, TX, were more of a necessity to get from point A to point B. 

Then, when it comes down to where we should play during each stop, we take a couple things into consideration:

  1. Is there anything unique in that area, that we would not be able to see anywhere else?
  2. Is there anything that this area is well-known for, that we want to experience?
  3. Is there something nearby that we have not done yet, or at least not in a while?

Because our stays have been relatively short - sometimes only 2-3 days - we rarely do more than one or two activities in each place.  Through the reviews, we’ll share what we did, and why! It’s my hope that this collection will help you plan more meaningful getaways with your family.

This extended road trip has not been all rainbows and butterflies - we’ve had some downright awful days - but, the memories are worth it, and we would not trade it for the world!

The Reviews





















      New Mexico

      New York

      North Carolina

      North Dakota




      Rhode Island

      South Carolina

      South Dakota





      Washington, DC






      Check Back Often: new reviews will be added frequently throughout our extended road trip!


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